ZSURVEY Survey Engine Toolkit

ZSURVEY 1.4 - Survey Engine for ASP.NET

ZSURVEY is a web based survey engine and form builder toolkit for Microsoft .NET written in pure managed .NET C#. ZSURVEY combines XML and ASP.NET in one customized, easy to use and integrated component for .NET web solutions. The engine helps .NET developers save the time and effort in creating surveys, questionnaires, exams and custom forms. The engine provides a collection of web controls that can be easily embedded in any ASP.NET page with the minimum configuration steps. ZSURVEY uses XML to define the survey and collecting the user responses which add a great value in terms of integrating with other applications and analyzing the data. ZSURVEY Survey Engine Toolkit


  • Create questionnaires, surveys, exams and custom forms in ASP.NET projects
  • Offers up to 6 different question types
  • Interactive AJAX Survey builder web control to build and design the surveys
  • Grouping the survey questions in pages and wizard steps
  • Define mandatory/optional questions
  • Randomize question choices
  • Display question choices in columns and rows
  • Define maximum number of choices for multiple choice questions
  • Attach Media files like images, audio and video to the questions
  • Skip Logic and Branching Rules for the questions
  • Show Progress Bar while the user answer the survey
  • Define both surveys and responses in XML format
  • Define active start date, end date and survey maximum responses quota
  • Enable responding users to save the surveys and continue it in later time
  • Survey statistics and responses tracking
  • Export responses to CSV file format
  • Ensure users responses integrity/Prevent users to respond more than once
  • Rich events and programming APIs
  • Store the surveys and responses in Microsoft SQL Database
  • Create your custom look and feel for your surveys using custom CSS styles
  • CSS optimized theme to display the surveys in iPhone and Andriod handsets
  • Localize the web controls to your own language
  • Change web controls text, labels and default wording
  • Assesment and scoring feature to create exams and online tests
  • Inline validation for the survey questions
  • Browsers: IE 9+, Firefox, Chrome, Opera and Safari
  • Available for .NET Framework 2.0, 3.0, 3.5, 4.0

New Survey Builder Rich Server Control

Survey Form Builder


The new release of ZSURVEY has a new feature which will make creating surveys in your website easy and fun!

A new rich web control - ZSURVEY Survey Builder Web Control - is added to ZSURVEY to help your website users to design their own surveys and questionnaires. They can easily edit and update their surveys with few clicks, making it a very much fun!

The control uses AJAX and client scripting which make updating the survey details quick and simple, making it an amazing user experience while using the survey builder.

The control look and feel is fully controlled by CSS which you can easily modify to match the theme of your web site.



Branching & Skip Logic Rules

Control your survey audience traffic by designing your own branching and skip logic rules. ZSURVEY provides you with a collection of branching rules and options to control your survey flow, delivering more efficient surveys to your end users.

ZSURVEY provides several branching operators which you can apply to the user answer like: Equal, Not Equal, Greater Than, Greater Than or Equal, Less Than, Less Than or Equal, In List and Custom Regex Expression. You can also define an exit criteria with disqualification comment to your end users.

The variety options provided by ZSURVEY Branching feature will enable you to implement all the possible scenarios and flows you want to provide in your surveys and questionnaires.


Questionnaire Branching and Skip Logic Rules



 Statistics Reporting

Survey Statistics Reports

ZSURVEY is shipped with two reporting web controls to display the statistics of the surveys and questionnaires. The web controls help you in displaying the survey responses, the survey general statistics and the survey questions statistics. You can easily change the style of the controls to match your website theme and style.

Customize Text, Labels and Wording with Your Own Language

ZSURVEY will allow the software developers to change the default wording and text in the engine web controls. The default language used in the engine web controls is Enlgish, however, you can change it to your own language using the new localization features. The default wording can be easily changed by modifying an external XML localization file containing the text and words used in the web controls. ZSURVEY Standard License will be also shipped with localization files for several languages including: English, French, Dutch, Italian, Spanish, Danish and Arabic. You can use the localization files as it is in your application or modify it to suite your specific requirements.





ZSURVEY can be used as an assessment tool for exams and online tests. You can define a score for each question in the form. ZSURVEY will accumlate the scores of the questions that the user has answered, and save the response with the total earned score.

This feature is very useful for evaluation and educational activities like building computer aided exams, online tests, HR qualification exams, IQ tests, employee evaluation forms, and other evaluation based forms.



Attach Media to Your Survey Questions

ZSURVEY will help the users to attach media files like images, audio and video to the survey questions. The user responding to the survey will be able for example to run some video before answering the survey question. The user can also attach audio files to listen before answering. User can also attach images to the questions as well.

This feature will open for much possibilities to create different surveys types or exams. This would help for example to create online exams that depends on images or shapes like IQ tests.




ZSURVEY survey questionnaire mobile view display

Mobile Enabled Surveys and Questionnaires

ZSURVEY provides a new unique features which will help you to target your mobile users. ZSURVEY can now display your designed surveys and questionnaires in the most popular mobile devices browsers like: iPhone and Android devices. The software package will contain a sample optimized CSS style sheet which you can use to display the surveys in web pages optimized for mobiles. You can also modify it to fit your brand style and theme.

Your users will be delighted with this feature. They will be able to display the survey and answer it on the go. This feature will give them better accessibility to answer the surveys on their mobiles. They don't need to check their PCs to answer the surveys. You just send them a link to an optimized mobile web page and they would be able to answer the survey. Their responses will be aggregated with the other responses of the surveys.


ZSURVEY survey questionnaire mobile view display

Simple, Efficient and Productive

ZSURVEY provides a collection of web controls to design and run surveys with very flexible and efficient programming APIs. You have two options to store the survey data: using XML files or Microsoft SQL Database.

In the first option, the survey data is generated in XML format which can be saved as phyiscal file on the server. This option is better for simple, quick to setup applications or for integrating with other systems such as Web Service Integration or Message Passing Architecture.


The second option is to save the survey data in Microsoft SQL Server Database. In this case, the surveys will be saved in a structured database tables. This option is recommended for high performace large scale data systems with complex data design or when you need to extend with more advanced reporting and data analysis tools.

This diagram shows how ZSURVEY handle the surveys data flow and the user interactions using XML.


Question Types

ZSURVEY provides a diversity of question types to serve the different needs in creating surveys and questionnaires. The following table illustrate the details of the supported question types in ZSURVEY

single choice question

Single Choice Questions

  • Define question body, remarks and footer text.
  • Unlimited number of text choices.
  • Render the choices as drop down list or radio buttons list.
  • Specify if the question is mandatory or not.
  • Users are able to enter another option if the user choice is not listed.
  • Randomize the choices.
multi choice question

Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ)

  • Define question body, remarks and footer text.
  • Unlimited number of text choices.
  • Specify if the question is mandatory or not.
  • Users are able to enter another option if the user choice is not listed.
  • Randomize the choices.
  • Display the choices in multiple column list.
  • Define maximum allowed number for user choices.
matrix question

Matrix Questions

  • Define question body, remarks and footer text.
  • Unlimited number of vertical and horizontal criteria/ranking.
  • Specify if the question is mandatory or not.
  • Display the ranks/scales as drop down lists.
text question

Slider Questions

  • Define question body, remarks and footer text.
  • Interactive slider cursor to select a specific scale.
  • Define unlimited criteria/scales in the same question.
text question

Text Questions

  • Define question body, remarks and footer text.
  • Specify if the question is mandatory or not.
  • Validating for emails, integers and floating numbers.
paragrpah question

Essay Questions

  • Define question body, remarks and footer text.
  • Specify if the question is mandatory or optional.

ZSURVEY Web Controls

ZSURVEY is shipped with a collection of web controls which can be easily embedded in your ASP.NET pages. ZSURVEY Web Controls gives all what you need to create survey/questionnaires based solutions. The web controls will help you design, respond and analyze the surveys.

Sample XML Files

ZSURVEY Surveys and User Responses are both generated as XML. The following are sample XML used and generated by ZSURVEY:


Fully Customized using CSS

All the web controls are fully customized using CSS style sheets. This means you can change the colors, fonts and size of the web controls elements to fit your site overall style. You can for example modify the CSS files of the survey viewer to fit the mobile screens like PDA, BlackBerry or iPhone.

The package contains 3 sample CSS style sheets so that you can easily modify and use inside your website.


CSS Customization


What types of surveys you can build using ZSURVEY?

You can design almost any types of surveys and questionnaires using ZSURVEY. ZSURVEY will give you the dynamic and flexible features to make accurate, efficient and robust surveys and questionnaires that can met your business needs. The types of surveys that can be made using ZSURVEY include:

  • Customer Satisfaction Surveys
  • Employee Satisfaction Surveys
  • Market Research Surveys
  • Social Research Surveys
  • Scientific Surveys
  • Educational Exams and Surveys
  • Business Research Surveys
  • Government and National Trends Surveys

Developers Guide

You're a developer who wants to use ZSURVEY inside the web projects and solutions. The following guides will help you explore the technical specifications of the product and start using it.

Find answers for the frequently asked questions about ZSURVEY Survey Engine Toolkit and its features.

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"I like ZSURVEY a lot. Makes life easier for developers. Easy implementation and deployment. Love it!"-- Shanmuga Sundaram, Project Manager

"I'm really satisfied with the overall product and the quick responses from the support." -- Adam Johnson, Conceptia Software

"ZSURVEY architecture was a main factor in choosing it. That's because it's designed to be reusable web controls which is really important for my project." -- Ron Langham, Opango

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