ZSURVEY Survey Engine Toolkit

ZSURVEY is a web based survey and form engine toolkit for Microsoft .NET written in pure managed .NET C#. ZSURVEY combines XML and ASP.NET in one customized, easy to use and integrated component for .NET web solutions. The engine helps .NET developers save the time and effort in creating surveys and custom forms. The component provides unique features to fit the diversity in project specifications and business needs.

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ZSURVEY Survey Engine Toolkit
Lite Basic Standard Professional Enterprise
Features $100
Unlimited Surveys
Unlimited Pages
Unlimited Questions
Survey Builder
Survey Viewer
Survey Response List
Survey Report
Text Questions
Matrix Questions
Slider Questions
Mandatory Rule
Randomize Choices
Choices Grid Layout
Choices Drop Down
Horizontal Layout
Other Choice
Max. Choices Rule
List Responses
Responses to CSV
Report Charts
Survey Effective Dates
Survey Quota
CSS Customization
Change Text/Lables
Subscription Permanent Permanent Permanent Permanent Permanent
Store in MS SQL Database
Branching / Skip Logic
Assesment / Scoring
Inline Validation
Attaching Media Files
5 Languages
Mobile Layout
Unlimited Domains[1]
Source Code
Remove Copyrights
Copyright Removal License $250
Upgrade Lite Edition 1.4 to Basic Edition 1.4
Upgrade Lite Edition 1.4 to Standard Edition 1.4
Upgrade Lite Edition 1.4 to Professional Edition 1.4
Upgrade Basic Edition 1.4 to Standard Edition 1.4
Upgrade Basic Edition 1.4 to Professional Edition 1.4
Upgrade Standard Edition 1.4 to Professional Edition 1.4
Upgrade Basic Edition 1.x to Basic Edition 1.4
Upgrade Standard Edition 1.x to Standard Edition 1.4 $300
Upgrade Basic Edition 1.x to Professional Edition 1.4 $600
Upgrade Standard Edition 1.x to Professional Edition 1.4 $500

[1] Professional and Enterprise Editions can be used with unlimited domains and websites. Other editions can be used for only one domain or website.

Payment Options

Special volume discounts up to 20% when purchasing more than one license.

* All licenses are one-time licenses (no license renewal required)
* 30 days money back guranteed (Terms and Conditions apply)
* No annual fees or additional charges.
* No restrictions of any kind on the servers, users or number of surveys and responses.

Are you still unsure which license is better for you? Please contact us and we will help you decide which license is better for you.

What is the content of the software package?

After completing the purchase, you will receive an email with the instructions to download your copy of the software. The package will contain: ZSURVEY Survey Engine assemblies, documentation materials, theme/style files, localization files (if applicable) and sample projects.

How to get the domain license of my website?

The software package will contain by default a development license to use for development in your local machines. Once you're ready for the final deployment of your website, please contact the customer support to get your registered domain license to be used for your website.

What is the policy of the software upgrade?

You are eligible to receive free minor upgrades within one year from placing your order.

Is there any trial or evaluation version of the software?

We can provide an evaluation version with limited features for corporates and business entities. Please contact the customer support for more details. Terms and conditions applied. You can check ZSURVEY Online Developer Guide before purchasing.

What is the refund policy?

You can request a refund within 30 days from placing your order. Please note that we don't accept refund requests after registering your domain license.

How far the source code of ZSURVEY is easy to change and extend?

The source code of ZSURVEY is very easy to extend and maintain. The code is very well structured with layers for business logic, user interface/components, data access and data serialization from XML to objects and vise versa. I can confirm that it's easy to add new question types (it won't take you much time to have it working). You will have full access on the source code; there is no restrictions or hidden locked assemblies. All the code portions are open tor extending and maintaining.

How can I remove ZSURVEY copyrights and logos from the product web controls?

MentorLogic reserves the rights to keep ZSURVEY copyrights notes and logos. If you need to remove our copyrights notes, you have to purchase an additional license: "Copyright Removal License". Please contact us to have more details.

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