ZSURVEY Survey Engine Toolkit


How customizable is the final product? Can ZSURVEY be branded for each company that we develop for?

The product can be easily customized to provide branded solutions for your clients. You can change the theme using CSS. You can change all the default text used in the product web controls to suite your requirements.

Is there a need to use a database to run the the product?

No, there is no need to use a database to use the product. The surveys and responses are both saved as XML file but you can retrieve the surveys and responses XML from the web controls, then save the XML in your database. You can also set the XML dynamically to the controls.

How does your report get statistics?

When the user respond to the survey, his response will be saved as XML file in a specific folder path. This folder will contain all the users' responses to the survey. ZSURVEY Statistics Web Control have a property to be set for the responses folder path. The web control will parse all the XML files in the responses folder and generate the statistics for you.

Do you offer the ability to purchase the source code for deeper customization and integration of the survey engine?

Yes. We offer the Enterprise License which help you to use and modify the source code for your own organization use. However, the license doesn't allow reselling the source code.

Can the "Powered by ZSURVEY Survey Engineā€ be removed?

Yes, you can remove the copyright notice from the product after purchasing a copyright removal license registered for your domain.

Can MentorLogic provide me with customized version of the engine to fit my need?

Yes, we can provide customized version to suite your business needs. MentorLogic can also provide custom web projects based on ZSURVEY engine. Please contact us to request a quote.


If you still have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

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"I like ZSURVEY a lot. Makes life easier for developers. Easy implementation and deployment. Love it!"-- Shanmuga Sundaram, Project Manager

"I'm really satisfied with the overall product and the quick responses from the support." -- Adam Johnson, Conceptia Software

"ZSURVEY architecture was a main factor in choosing it. That's because it's designed to be reusable web controls which is really important for my project." -- Ron Langham, Opango

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