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How Customizable is ZSURVEY Survey Engine?

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Saturday, 03 April 2010 12:35

ZSURVEY Survey Engine provide the technical professional and software developers with the core engine for generating surveys and questionnaires in .NET. The product provides a collection of generic, ready-made ASP.NET web controls to help you build unique surveys and questionnaires in your web projects. You can easily use these controls in any ASP.NET web page. 



ZSURVEY can be fully customized and branded to met your customer needs. You have full control on the user controls CSS styles and theme. This means you can easily change the controls colors, backgrounds, elements size, fonts and all other traditional CSS styles by simply modifying the web control CSS file. The software package will contains sample CSS files so that you can directly use or make your own customized one. You can easily modify the survey style to fit any screen size such as mobiles, PDAs, BlackBerry screens or any handled devices. Using ZSURVEY web controls, you are able to create branded solutions for your customer according to his requirement and needs.



The core engine use XML as a flexible way to define the survey details and collect the survey responses. This means more flexibility and ease of use to change the survey definition and questions on the fly without the need to change any piece of code or recompiling your assemblies.

You may need to have a special analysis for the survey responses. For example, you may want to apply custom business intelligence procedure to the responses or apply unique business domain logic to the responses. The engine can help you in facilitating your custom analysis by providing the user responses as XML which add a great value in terms of system integration and custom analysis. You can easily analyze the XML responses files to give specific business value to your customers.

ZSURVEY surveys definition can be fully represented in one XML file. The XML file of the survey can then be assigned to ZSURVEY web controls to render the surveys to design or preview. You may also generate the XML of the surveys on the fly based on specific business criteria and assign this XML direct to ZSURVEY web controls.

There is no need to use any databases to run ZSURVEY. This would give you more easy setup and zero footprint installation to use ZSURVEY in your projects. In the same time, ZSURVEY gives you the option to save the survey XML in your database and assign the XML to the web controls on the fly without physically save any XML files on the server.



ZSURVEY helps software developers to use the web controls properties and events to extend the behavior of the engine. This means you can easily extend the engine to execute custom logic on the hosting pages. For example, you may want to create a custom progress bar in a page while the user respond to the survey. Using the controls events, this can easily catch the next button event and update the progress bar with the current user progress. The engine will provide a collection of properties and events in each web controls which will hep you to easily integrate the engine web controls in your project and enhance the behavior of the engine.

In case you wish to have more control on the engine behavior, ZSURVEY gives you the option to get the engine complete source code by purchasing the Professional License. This license will allow you to change the source code to fit your your project specific requirements.You can also contact our sales representatives if you wish to redistribute the engine in other products and services.

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"I like ZSURVEY a lot. Makes life easier for developers. Easy implementation and deployment. Love it!"-- Shanmuga Sundaram, Project Manager

"I'm really satisfied with the overall product and the quick responses from the support." -- Adam Johnson, Conceptia Software

"ZSURVEY architecture was a main factor in choosing it. That's because it's designed to be reusable web controls which is really important for my project." -- Ron Langham, Opango

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