MentorLogic started operating on the early 2009. Since then, we have built an excellent business profile serving a wide range of clients in different business verticals from all over the world. MentorLogic products and services is enhancing and improving different businesses to grow and succeed. Our solutions are serving different business verticals like government, healthcare and educational entities. We always care about our customers satisfaction, it's part of our values. We are also do our best to keep our clients delighted, engaging them to our success, understanding their needs, and always bulding a unqiue trusted relationship.

More than 60 clients world wide are using our products and services in their own solutions!
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There is always a success story on every customer case. This is not coming from nothing, but this is a result of our values which put the customer satisfaction on our first priorities. Satisfaction is comming from the fact that we provide a value to our clients. We are sure about our capabilities and hence we always do with trust towards our success!

What our clients say about ZSURVEY?

"I like ZSURVEY a lot. Makes life easier for developers. Easy implementation and deployment. Love it!" Shanmuga Sundaram, Project Manager

"I'm really satisfied with the overall product and the quick responses from the support." Adam Johnson, Conceptia Software

"ZSURVEY architecture was a main factor in choosing it. That's because it's designed to be reusable web controls which is really important for my project." Ron Langham, Opango

We are putting our clients' needs to our the highest priority. We will always do our best to provide our clients with the best ever support and services!
MentorLogic team is available to answer your questions about our products, solutions and services.

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Delivering Solutions That Fit

MentorLogic helps customers to have applications with unparalleled richness, responsiveness and interactivity. Created with passion, MentorLogic solutions and products help its customers every day to be more productive by delivering reliable applications under budget and on time.